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At SCYFUP we are passionate about creating innovative food products capable of changing the industry. Not only are we concerned about the high demand for protein on which our diet is based, but also about the waste of perishable foods. We want to completely reduce this waste through bioprocesses that allow us to convert it into healthy and delicious protein that you can eat and enjoy. Our commitment to your needs is the driving force behind our biotechnology startup. Our team of professionals is here to inspire you with their unique ideas and capabilities. Please contact us for more information.

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SCYFUP was born in the Voices of Tomorrow Biotechnology Innovation Competition, as part of the GapSummit 2020. The original team was formed by Diana Mollocana (Ecuador) and Rasan Chandra (Malaysia-UK) with aims to find a solution to the problem of world hunger,  finding the generation of food waste as one of the main problems. There is a lot of food waste generated on the production line without even touching the consumers' plate, while many products go from the hangers to the dump because there is no way to sell them and they cannot be stored in food banks for a long time. This is how the idea of using these foodstreams as food for unknown friends came about: protein generating bacteria. Just as a beer is made from yeast and malt,  Single-Cell Protein can be produced by them, using food waste as raw material. 

The coronavirus pandemic put a brake on the development of the idea. However, this served for a complete restructuring of it. In the last year Rasan said goodbye to the initiative, however, Pablo Cueva, current CEO and specialist in Food Product Development, Daniel Ortiz, as an expert in the cultivation of algae and cyanobacteria, and Ana Del Hierro, Biotechnologist specializing in insects, joined the company. Shortly thereafter, Carla Hurtado, an expert in animal nutrition, and Felipe Granda, a financial expert, also joined the company. With them, the idea takes on a totally different form, and is transformed into a proposal to develop the first alternative protein for animal feed that fuses the properties of three different types of sources: bacteria, algae and insects. In doing so, it recovers the best of the three worlds, to guarantee an alternative to the ever-increasing demand for fishmeal, which in turn requires a greater exploitation of fishery diversity. 
At the moment, we are in the phase of ideation and capital raising for the creation of the first prototypes.



At SCYFUP, we seek to produce the first single-cell protein from bacteria that you can enjoy on your plate, while helping companies and stores in the food industry to reduce the waste they generate in good food. 
SCYFUP technology is under development. Stay tuned for any changes and updates. Contact us today to learn more.

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